How to Draw Manga

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The Top Nine Comic Creator Apps for Students

There are several ways you can use the internet to unleash the creativity of your students and motivate them to learn and create comic. The best way is engaging them in digital storytelling using comic strips. The comic strips provide an opportunity for the student to develop their own characters, narrate their stories and share with colleagues. In the collection below, I discuss some of the best apps that involve such activities.

How to Draw Manga - Introduction

By Charlie Nash

The word manga comes from two Japanese words. The combination of these words generally means crazy drawings. This fits the look of manga perfectly. Manga is not hard to miss because of the unique style and the big buggy eyes staring back at you with the sparkly pupils.

Japanese manga is growing in the world like wild fire. As the years go by, manga has become more and more popular. Japan has become very popular because of all the different kinds of manga that they have produced. Most of the manga sold are very thick books, in fact, some are even as large as phonebooks!

Japanese manga are very different from American comics. In American comics, the stories can go on forever because there really is no general plot. However, in manga, the stories do end up ending, and the volumes flow together and make up one solid story instead of having a different story every episode like American comics. Another difference about manga is that you can pay someone to write my paperfor college, so that manga reads from right to left, which is why Americans find this to be very backwards. One more difference is that in manga, the story can be spread out into hundreds of pages whereas in American comics the story seems to be very short and are only spread out over a few pages.

Many people think nerdy guys that still live in their mothers basement at the age of thirty are the only people that read Japanese manga. However, more and more artists are creating manga for girls. More and more manga are consisting of mushy love stories that are directed at females.

If you are interested in knowing more about well renounced manga artist, here are some famous names to know! Hayao Miyazaki is famous for his works like Spirited Awaya, Nausicaa, Porco Rosso, and Howls Moving Castles. There is also Katsuhiro Otomo for his well known animated movie Akria. Masamune Shirow created Ghost in the Shell both the movie and the series.

Don't confuse manga with anime. Anime is mostly movies and TV shows, whereas manga are only comics that are generally in black and white.

Welcome to the wonderful world of manga!

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