How to Draw Manga

How to Draw Manga - Materials

When it comes to drawing manga, or drawing in general, the materials you use are very important aspects and can change how your drawing looks. The materials you use can be the difference between making you drawing look like amateur manga or professional manga.

To start off when you are drawing, you want a pencil you are comfortable with. If you were to get a pencil with a label 1-9 and then the lead will be very hard and the markings will be lighter, on the other hand, if the label says 1-9 then the lead will be very soft and the markings will be darker. For artists that don't want to deal with sharpening his or her pencils, then mechanical pencils will work best.

Along with good pencils, you need good erasers. If you are looking to fix small mistakes that can't be reached by a regular eraser, then use a kneaded eraser. This eraser can be molded into any shape, so it can be kneaded into a sharp point to get rid of small mistakes in corners, whereas a normal eraser will ruin the surrounding lines. To get rid of regular mistakes, use a white nylon eraser. These kinds of erasers are good for regular mistakes because they leave little and get rid of the marks without leaving behind any signs of where your previous line was. These erasers are easy to get and if you were to get a retractable one, they are easy to refill.

After using you pencils to draw your manga, go over your lines with pen. The best kind of pen to use in going over pencil lines is ˜Sakura Pigma Micro pens. These pens have a semi-flexible felt-tip and can be used for making lines thicker or thinner and the transition between the two. These pens can be found in almost every major art store for a reasonable price for such a nice pen. The price ranges from ten to fifteen dollars. For filling in black areas, an artist will be able to use a regular Sharpie. However, Sharpies tend to bleed through the paper, so use it lightly. Sharpies are very easy to find and you can buy them at almost any store. If you want your drawing to look more like a painting, then you should use a Tombo Brush Pen. This pen will give you the paintbrush look without the actual paintbrush.

If you are looking for paper to use, the best paper to use is Bristol board. This paper is thick and pen has a less chance of bleeding through Bristol board. This paper is easy to find but has a very high price. It can be found in any major art store across the country.

All in all, the key to a good drawing is not just the skill of the artist, but the materials you use to draw with.

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