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How to Draw Manga - Drawing Female Eyes

When drawing female eyes you need to realize the differences between a male's eyes and a female's. When drawing a female's eyes, consider the fact that female's eyes are usually drawn larger and rounder than a male's eyes. Females have a sense of innocence hence the reason they are larger. Female eyes also have more of a shine to them, whereas a male's eyes have a duller look to them. What you have to consider when drawing a female's eyes is the size of the eye itself, the iris, the eyelashes and the eyebrows.

To begin drawing the eye, draw the shape of a female eye. You can use a rounder shape or give the eyes a cat-like shape for darker eyes that are given to villains. For female eyes, draw wider and bigger ovals for the iris. Everyone does the pupils different, so go by what you think looks good, but keep lighting in mind because female eyes tend to sparkle more than male eyes. After finishing the eye itself and adding color to it, you can draw the eyelids and construct the muscles around the eyes. Eyelids are important when giving the eye depth and making it look more detailed. When drawing the eyelids, you also need to tend to the eyelashes. Female eyes tend to have long, thick eyelashes to show femininity. Finally the eye needs eyebrows to finish off the eyes. The eyebrows are also important for showing emotion. Raised eyebrows show surprise, eyebrows that are angled downward show anger, and when one eyebrow is cocked, that would show signs of confusion. Females should have thinner lashes whereas males have thicker, bushier lashes. Now you have finished your eye and you can add eye make-up and even eye jewelry.

How to Draw Manga - Drawing Female Eyes
Eyes are a big part of an artist's drawing and can say anything and everything about the rest of your art. Eyes need to match the character's look, so make sure you know what you want to draw and how you want the eyes to look.

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