How to Draw Manga

How to Draw Manga - Drawing Female Hair

A hairstyle on a female character can say a lot. Big, wavy hair shows beauty, whereas short and flat shows a tomboy or even a darker personality. In anime and manga, hair can have any color that an artist can create. For a sporty look, you can draw the hair in a ponytail, or even pigtails. Short, cropped hair is usually given to motherly characters or elderly characters.

Before you draw the hair, you need to draw the head. Females tend to have heart-shaped faces. After you have created the head shape you desire, you can start the hair. To begin your character's hair, draw a horizontal line one-third down the length of the face. Don't worry if the line between the top of the head and the hairline looks too large, this is normal because of the front bangs that are needed for the female characters. To create the bangs, draw short lines that hang over the hairline. These lines should hang just over the eyes, but you can make them longer if you wish. Some artists draw longer bangs near the ears that frame the character's face. After the bangs, draw the longest strand of hair from the top of the head where you want the character's hair to be whether it is long or short. After you have done this, finish the rest of the hair by drawing the rest of the lines to make the hair flow. You can make the lines straight or wavy, frizzy or really curly depending on what type of character you want to draw. These lines are drawn by starting at the top of the head and extending down to the length of the hair.

Once you have finished this, then you can add accessories and adding dramatic lines to create motion or even give it some kind of texture. Add color to the hair or leave just it black and white as you wish.

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