How to Draw Manga

How to Draw Manga - Drawing Female Legs

Many artists have problems drawing legs. Just like when drawing female arms, making the legs look realistic is key. Avoid making the legs look like sticks and making them look straight. Don't forget that legs have muscles and have natural curves that go along with those muscles. People have problems because of the bend in the knees and the curve of the muscles, making the legs look less proportionate.

How to Draw Manga - Drawing Female Legs

Just as you would start the character's arms, start drawing the legs with long ovals instead of cylinders. Ovals give the legs a more natural look, whereas cylinders make the legs look boxy. To draw the knee, draw a circle connecting the two ovals, just as you would the elbow in the character's arm. When you draw the thighs, make the upper part of the leg near the hip thicker and as you draw the rest of the leg, taper down as you get closer to the knee. After the knee, make the calves thicker and then taper down again when you get closer to the ankles. Just like in the natural human body, the muscles in one's legs give the leg small curves; so don't make the legs straight, because the legs wont look real. If you were to draw your legs bent, the knee can be drawn flat, and shading can be used to create depth and be used to make the bend look more realistic. This same technique can be used to when you are drawing someone running. When it comes to the feet, you can draw ovals or even rectangles. After drawing the initial shape, you can draw the toes and the muscles in the feet or you can draw shoes over the feet.

Don't forget that after you have drawn the legs themselves you need to draw clothes over the legs. Skirts are easy to draw because you don't have to draw anything over the legs. When drawing jeans however, you need to make sure you keep the same shape of the legs but don’t forget about the bend in the clothes as it fits to the body.

Now you have created the legs, go on and draw the rest of the tiny details of your character.

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