How to Draw Manga

How to Draw Manga - Drawing Female Arms

When people draw manga arms they tend to make the arms flat with no dimensions whatsoever. Here are some tips when it comes to drawing arms manga style. Arms can be difficult to draw because of the many different positions and arms can sometimes look distorted and unnatural.

When you have decided what pose your character will be in, use elongated ovals to show the basic shape of the arm. For the elbow, use circles to connect the upper arm and the forearm and to add a natural flow to the arm. For arms that are being drawn at the character's sides loosely, the hand should hang at the middle of the thigh and the elbow should be in line with the character's waist. Don't make the arms straight, give them a curve because the human arm has a curve, arms are not straight. The arm has muscles so be sure to include the curves of the muscles in your drawing. The shoulder bulges at the top and tapers down till it reaches the elbow. After the elbow, the arm gets slightly larger then tapers down to the wrist and turns into the hand. For the hand make another oval shape in the position that you want the hand to be in. draw lines where you want the fingers to be and draw the thumb. Be sure to use shading to make the arm look more like 3-D and less flat.

Once you have done these steps you can add sleeves over the arm and add clothes. Don't forget shading to make the depth of the arm look real. Focus on trying to make the arm look proportional and use good shading and the right shapes for the arm. Using good transitions from the upper arm to the forearm are very important in making the arm look right for the drawing.

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