How to Draw Manga

Tips on how to draw manga

Here are some basic tips on how to start your manga drawing!

First you should have freshly sharpened pencils and clean erasers for the drawing. Clean white paper should be used because you don't have smudges on your paper to begin with.

You will want your hands to be well washed so that any dirt that is on your hands will not wind up on your artwork. One way to make sure you don't smudge your art is to use another piece of paper that you would place under you hand. Another suggestion would be to wear cotton gloves to avoid getting dirt and oils on your paper.

If you are using color pencils, avoid coloring on a surface that is bumpy because this will case dark spots to appear on your art.

When it comes to drawing with pencil, you should probably use harder graphite pencil so that you have less debris to worry about. Using harder graphite also means that the lines will be lighter, making the lines easier to erase. Using the right kind of ink is important as well. The best kind of ink to use is Indian ink. This ink is smudge proof and will go over the pencil easily.

If you don't have very many ideas for what you want your character to look like, keep some kind of portfolio or scrapbook of your favorite manga characters for reference. Mind you, it will take some time to create your own style for your character, but you will find in time, creating your own style will be very easy.

Another tip you should take into account would be to draw your character's face from every angle possible to make sure you know how your character will look. Experiment with different expressions for your character. You will find that some expressions will not look right for your character. You should also do this for your character's hands. Drawing hands in different poses and holding different objects gives you a wider range of poses to chose from.

Take these tips and twist them into your own liking, but the general idea of these tips will help make your drawing look better and even make your drawing skills improve as you continue to draw!