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The Top Nine Comic Creator Apps for Students

There are several ways you can use the internet to unleash the creativity of your students and motivate them to learn and create comic. The best way is engaging them in digital storytelling using comic strips. The comic strips provide an opportunity for the student to develop their own characters, narrate their stories and share with colleagues. In the collection below, I discuss some of the best apps that involve such activities.

1. Comic Life 3

The most potent photo comic creation app available in the App Store. It had so many incredible features and packed with captions, fonts, and templates to enhance your art. It allows you to edit even the tiniest details like the shape and style of the word bubbles. This fun app makes it very easy for you to pay someone to write my paper and create your stories anywhere. In just using one device, you can take photos and create full accounts with templates and panel layouts. Features include:

  • Uploads photos from your library or via Flickr.
  • Contains Script Editor that allows you to drag and drop your words on the comic page.
  • 17 parametric image filters
  • Instant Alpha tool to change the backgrounds
  • Speedline’s, halftones and textures
  • Draw shapes, fill and borders for balloons and captions.
  • An integrated camera
  • Work with Comic Life and freely create your content with no worry of losing your creation as it automatically saves any changes.

    2. Draw and Tell

    If you are a newbie to mobile apps, or you wish to create and colour your content digitally, then this is the best app. It is recommended for young students who need guidance navigating the app. After a few lessons, the student will be capable of building stories on their own and sharing with their friends. The app supports oral storytelling, and thus you can use different voices for various characters while recording the story. The colourful pages contain story prompts that helps the reluctant students. For the kids who love to draw and colour, it is the perfect app that will spark their imagination.

    3. Make Beliefs Comix

    An app for the students that like to create their comics using pre-drawn characters. It is a safe app as it does not allow you to post your creation, all you can do is create and print or email the content. It has a few religious references that encourage the student to develop a prayer for their loved ones and a parental-advice section that talks about God’s plan and past lives.

    4. Comics Head

    Freely create your story and share the experience with friends. Comic Head is a visual storytelling book that allows a student to work on a visually compelling format-comics and access photo journals. It is a self-publishing tool for creating storyboards, business presentations, and class projects.

    5. ComicCat

    It is an offline comic book reader that scans your devices for comic book formats such as CBZ, CBT, Rar among others. The feature-rich app contains catalog options, search engines, password protection capabilities and zoom options. There are also a variety of view modes that allow you to read from left to right or vice versa. The app also supports cloud storage, UI and has parental control for the young students.

    6. Challenger

    Challenger is a free app that contains no ads with a neat visual representation feature. Features include:

  • UI
  • Single and double page view modes
  • Cloud storage
  • Zoom function using multi-touch
  • Supports PDF, ePUB, DjVu, CB7/7z, CBZ/ZIP
  • Vertical/Horizontal scrolling
  • Fit to width/height/ screen display among other features.
  • 7. Comics by ComiXology

    A digital comic platform available for free for android and IOS users. The platforms feature contents from major comic publishers like Marvel, DC, and Image. For a small fee, you can download and read ComiXology content on your mobile. It has two learning modes

  • Unlimited mode, a read-all-you-can mode.7
  • The guided View mode that is perfect when reading from a small screen.
  • 8. Astonishing Comic Reader

    A next-gen comic app with straightforward features that helps you effortlessly browse and read all the comics you desire. It boasts of a dominant zoom feature and a simple navigation system with all your comics well organised in the collections file. While using Muzei app, the app generates colourful wallpapers. If you have Cast support, you can read the comics anywhere. Share your most inspirational comics with friends and back up your favourite list on Cloud.

    9. Strip Designer

    Add your photos straight from your album or camera and make them come alive. You can add 3D lettering, apply filters and play with the fonts and colours until you perfect your content. On competing a comic save it in your album or share in on social media example Facebook Twitter or Flickr. Freely zoom in to edit the tiniest of features while adding text and balloons in any direction.

    In conclusion, the above apps could prove quite handy for students. As a student, when ‘hunting’ for comic creator apps, these should be at the top of the list!